Class Schedule



Yearly Membership Fee
A Once-A-Year Membership Fee of $35 is charged upon registration and is due each Fall Session (September).

Tuition in full is due at registration.

Payment plans are available.

Students may enroll at any time during a session. Tuition will be prorated.


Discounts: 10% off for any siblings signing up for a class.



Class Size Policy
Class size varies from 4 to 30 with an instructor to child ratio of 1:8. If less students register for any given class, VeGa Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel, combine, and/or reschedule students into another class 

In order to keep our student-to-instructor ratio low, all make-ups must be scheduled in advance. Make ups can not be transfered to the next session. Additional make-ups may be granted under special circumstances

Dress Code
All girls must wear a gymnastics leotard. Leg tights may also be worn. Bare feet recommended. Long hair must be tied away from the eyes and well off of the shoulders. Boys must wear a T-shirt and shorts. No baggy clothing jams or gum is permitted in the gymnastics area. LEAVE JEWELRY AT HOME.​

No Class Dates

Nov 27th - 30th 

Dec 23th -Jan 1st

April 2nd - 11th  

May 25th

​Bad Weather
If classes need to be canceled or delayed due to poor weather, please call VeGa Gymnastics. Messages will be updated for afternoon and evening classes at 12 noon and 3PM. Special make-up classes will be held if we need to cancel. We do not follow the closing schedule of any particular school district.


There is open observation at all times in the waiting area. We do, however, ask that parents refrain from yelling out to their children. For their safety, children not currently enrolled are not allowed in the gymnastics area.

Parents must stay in the lobby area at all times while in the facility. No parent can enter the gym floor unless requested by a staff member

In Requests for tuition fee refunds MUST be in writing. The Registration fee, charges for classes prior to the refund request and a service fee of $50 will be charged for a dropped class. If your child must drop a class due to an injury or prolonged illness, you may apply any remaining balance to the next session or transfer the balance to another student.

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