About our Staff

All of our coaches have been involved in the sport of gymnastics throughout their lives.
They all are passionate about the sport and enjoy teaching others what they know
Kris S
Veli L

I reached level 9 nationals. I started when I was 8 and continued until I reached college at 18. I like the fact that gymnastics is nothing like any other sport. There is a lot of discipline, strength, flexibility, and endurance involved which makes it very different from all other sports.

I love coaching gymnastics because I enjoy teaching the things I know to others who are passionate about the sport of gymnastics. I love seeing children I teach progress to be great gymnasts with a lot of knowledge about the sport 

Elena I

I recently acquired my Level 1-5 gymnastics judging college degree. I was formally a member of the Romanian National Team. I reached the elite level of gymnastics and took part in many national and international competitions. 

Gymnastics is an elegant and powerful sport that involves good concentration and good physical, technical and mental preparation. I've been in love with this sport since I was 4 years old and that determined me to perfect myself as a gymnast and as a coach. It's the best feeling in the world when a gymnast succeeds. 

Jake I

As a former Romanian National Team member Coach Jake reached the elite level of gymnastics. He’s been involved in the sport of gymnastics for 14 years and loves the fact that this sport is mentally challenging while also developing great body control through advanced and difficult skills. As a coach he loves passing down his knowledge of the sport to other’s willing to advance. He loves watching his gymnasts develop and advance in the skills they are learning!

Galia S


Level 10 Gymnastics Judge

I competed under different conditions/structure, which is equal to level 9 or 10. I competed for college successfully

I started at the age of 8 and stopped after graduating college

What I love about gymnastics is that I'm still amazed at what the human body can do. Fitness of the movements of the body, discipline, good organizational skills, and learning to trust your body.

I love seeing the changes and improvements from the beginning, to see them competing and succeeding, and to see the girls growing and loving and staying involved in gymnastics

               Eileen A




I started gymnastics at 2 years old, and started competing at 8. I competed through the end of high school. 

What I love most about gymnastics is that it prepares you both mentally and physically for every challenge and every physical activity you'll ever undertake for the rest of your life. There will never be a task or a sport you can't master once you've been trained as a gymnast!

The best part of coaching gymnastics is seeing a child learn that with the power of their mind, the results they can achieve with their body are limitless!


As a competitive gymnast I reached the Elite level. I trained at the Olympic Training Center where I took 5th all around and 2nd on floor. I also competed at the USA Championships where I took 14th. I practiced gymnastics from the age of 7 to the age of 19. What I love about the sport of gymnastics is how physically and mentally strong it always made me feel. As a coach I love helping my gymnasts work hard to achieve their goals and dreams. It gives me a great feeling to know I’ve made a difference to them. 

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