Mini Pre-Team

Girls aged 4-6 who are at the beginning stages of the competitive gymnastics program. They practice basic gymnastics and learn things like body shaping and adding 'polish' and 'finishing touches' to their movements.


Girls aged 6-9 who begin learning and practicing competition level skills, while continuing focus on body positioning and 'dance' style in routines. This level is a fundamental step between recreational or mini pre-team and the competitive team.

Compulsory Levels Team

Girls who compete level 3, 4 and 5 as part of the USAG Junior Olympic program. The routines/skills they perform are universal across the same number level. Routines are designed to establish proficiency in fundamental skills that prepare the gymnasts for the optional levels.

Optional Levels Team

Girls aged 7 and older who compete USAG levels 6-10 in which USAG allows a personalized choreography to the routines. Gymnasts will have routines choreographed for them that are different from other teams and gymnasts they compete against. The routines will still have USAG-required basic skills and elements that must be included.

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